Kenya Air Freight Shuangqing Line

 Kenya Shuangqing Line     |      2023-11-01

The Kenya air freight dedicated line adopts a one-stop service model of "air freight", "double clearance", and "delivery" throughout the entire process. It is a dedicated air freight logistics channel that can accept both general and sensitive goods, with the advantages of fast delivery and affordable prices. The first leg of Kenya's air freight line is centralized in Shenzhen for cargo collection, and general cargo is sent out by Guangzhou flights; Sensitive cargo will be shipped via Hong Kong flights via China for first leg transportation; From Shuangqing to Nairobi warehouse for self pickup. Support delivery throughout Kenya, with fast and high-quality delivery services provided by local logistics in Kenya.

1、 Overview of Kenya's Air Transport Special Line:

Delivery scope:

Throughout Kenya; The entire journey takes 5-7 days to arrive at Nairobi Airport, with a clearance time of 2-3 days;

Billing standards:

Charge by weight: Billed weight=Volume weight compared to actual weight, whichever is greater;

Package restrictions:

Can accept general and sensitive goods (internal electricity, power distribution, powder, liquid, etc.); Can accept built-in batteries with a battery power of 100WH, supporting battery products, not pure batteries (such as mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, camera batteries, back clip batteries, power banks, mobile power supplies, etc.);

Prohibited items:

● Explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive, and toxic hazardous materials;

● Imitate weapons and ammunition; Aviation prohibited items such as cigarettes, alcohol, and heating substances;

Size limit:

Size limit of aviation board: 3 (length) * 2.4 (width) * 1.6 (height) in meters (M);

Value added services:

Provide agency insurance services: The premium is charged at 6% of the declared value of the goods, and the insurance company is Ping An Insurance Company of China or PICC;

Other matters:

Customers can choose to pick up the goods themselves at the destination. The warehouse at the destination has a free storage period of 7 days, and if it exceeds one day, a warehouse rent of RMB 0.3/KG/day will be charged. If the goods are not picked up for more than 3 months, we will treat them as abandoned.

2、 Logistics operation process of Kenya's air freight dedicated line:

1. Docking and shipping: The customer provides relevant information such as the product name, weight and volume, packaging, and delivery address, and our company provides a reasonable transportation plan and quotation to reach a consensus on shipping;

2. Receiving and warehousing: Our company will inform the customer of the receiving warehouse address, and the customer will deliver the goods to the warehouse according to the address. Before the goods enter the warehouse, take photos to count and truthfully inform the customer of the quantity and packaging of the goods. After confirmation, enter the warehouse;

3. Input system: Before shipment, complete the goods system input, package the goods, and label the wheat straw and the number of packages on the goods;

4. Goods out of warehouse: Our company and the airline sign a fixed warehouse position for weekly shipments, and declare the goods at the airport cargo station;

5. Goods declaration: In general, our company pays for customs declaration and can also support document customs declaration and tax refund;

6. Arrange flights: general cargo is generally carried by Guangzhou flights, and sensitive cargo is generally carried by Hong Kong flights;

7. Arrival customs clearance: Our black agent carries out customs clearance of goods with the bill of lading issued by the airline, pays taxes to the destination country, and the customs clearance time is generally about 2-3 days;

8. Self pickup/delivery: Customers have the freedom to choose from warehouse self pickup or delivery services, and our company supports delivery throughout Kenya.