South African air freight double clearance line

 South Africa Double Clear Line     |      2023-12-01

The South African air freight special line is an air freight double clearance special line service launched by China to South Africa, which integrates strong customs clearance resources from the two regions with sufficient international air freight resources from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and collaborates with local high-quality express carriers in South Africa. The logistics double clearance line is mature, stable, fast in delivery, and has strong customs clearance. The goods are shipped on the same day they are received or the next day, with the first leg being carried by international flights from Guangzhou or Hong Kong, and the air freight directly reaching Johannesburg Airport. The final leg is delivered by local high-quality express delivery; We can handle both general and sensitive goods with no minimum weight limit, and provide full logistics tracking and inquiry services.

South African Air Transport Service Process

Preparation documents ->Delivery to warehouse ->Air booking ->Customs inspection ->China export declaration ->International air freight ->South African import customs clearance ->End of line delivery

Delivery scope

End of line delivery covers the entire territory of South Africa, and additional logistics delivery surcharges are required for remote areas

Dedicated line timeliness

The delivery time from warehouse to warehouse is 8-10 days: Guangzhou warehouse/Shenzhen warehouse ->Johannesburg warehouse in South Africa; Delivery time at the end depends on the distance of 1-4 days

Freight Basis

Charge by weight: chargeable weight=volumetric weight compared to actual weight, whichever is greater, data will be based on our measurements

Volume weight=length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) of the cargo/6000

Package restrictions

Can accept general and sensitive goods (internal electricity, powder, liquid, etc.); Can accept e-commerce small packages and separate customs declaration documents for general trade.

Can accept pure batteries (mobile power supplies, power banks, mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, camera batteries, back clip batteries, etc.);

Prohibit hazardous materials such as flammable, explosive, corrosive, and radioactive materials; Embargo on aviation prohibited items such as weapons, ammunition, tobacco and alcohol, as well as those that are prone to overheating;

Volume limit

The volume measurement of air cargo is based on the longest side of the cargo's appearance, avoiding irregular packaging as much as possible and not accepting bare cargo;

Maximum size limit for aviation boards: 3 M (length) * 2.4 M (width) * 1.6 M (height);

Warehousing services

After the goods arrive at the warehouse in South Africa, customers can also pick them up at their own doorstep, or our company can arrange for undelivered delivery.

Our South African (Johannesburg) warehouse has a free storage fee of 7 days, and if the deadline is exceeded, a storage fee of RMB 0.3/KG/day will be charged.

Insurance services

Provide international freight insurance services, with the insurance company being PICC or Ping An;

If insurance is not purchased and the item is lost, a claim will be made at twice the shipping cost, without refunding the shipping cost, and the maximum compensation standard will not exceed $1000.

Other matters

The name and declared value of the goods must be truthfully declared. If any related fees and taxes are caused by reasons such as inconsistent declaration, the shipper shall be responsible;