South Africa Maritime Double Clearance Line

 South Africa Double Clear Line     |      2023-12-01

The South African Maritime Special Line is a China to South Africa maritime double clearance and tax inclusive special line service jointly developed by China International Freight and strong local customs clearance companies in South Africa. This logistics double clearance dedicated line adopts a "sea freight"+"double clearance"+"delivery" mode, with strong customs clearance and high cost-effectiveness. It can accept general cargo, various sensitive goods such as chemical and electronic goods, and can carry various types of oversized and overweight goods such as factory equipment and construction machinery. It can be shipped in bulk or full container shipping; Export tax refund can be declared separately. The first leg of the South African sea freight line departs from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Qingdao, and ends at the South African Durban port. The final leg is delivered by local logistics, with mature and stable channels and affordable prices.

South African Shipping Process

Preparation documents ->Delivery to warehouse ->Shipping booking ->Goods inspection ->China export customs declaration ->International shipping ->South African port clearance ->Inland intermodal transportation ->Local delivery

Logistics timeliness

Container loading cycle: weekly warehouse to warehouse delivery time: about 45 days (domestic warehouse - Johannesburg warehouse in South Africa);

Sea freight itinerary

The departure ports are Nansha Port in Guangzhou, Yantian Port in Shenzhen, Ningbo Port, and Qingdao Port, and shipments will be made according to the nearest location of the goods;

The destination port is Durban Port, South Africa. After local customs clearance, it will be transported by land to our Johannesburg warehouse and delivered to the entire South African territory

Freight Basis

FCL sea freight: domestic towing fee+customs declaration fee+international shipping fee+South African customs clearance fee+South African towing fee+port charges

Bulk cargo consolidation: charged based on volume CBM, with a cargo type ratio of 1:500 (1CBM=500KG). The larger of the weight volume and actual volume is the billing quantity

Goods restrictions

Can accept LCL and FCL sea freight.

Can accept general goods such as clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, stationery, etc; Can accept sensitive goods such as food, chemicals, liquids, powders, etc;

Can receive electric vehicles, solar photovoltaic panels, energy storage batteries, mobile power supplies, wigs, etc;

Can accept hazardous materials such as activated carbon and electric tapes (limited to Class 2-3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 8, Class 9)

Can accept oversized and heavy goods such as infrastructure equipment, factory equipment, transportation equipment, and construction machinery;

Packaging requirements

Logistics packaging is required for the transportation of goods, and packaging for fragile items needs to be strengthened during transportation. Fragile item labels should be affixed to the outer boxes.

If a single item exceeds 100KG, wooden boxes and pallets (pallets) need to be packed, and a 10CM forklift space needs to be reserved

Customs declaration method

Bulk shipping only offers double clearance and tax coverage, supporting documentary customs declaration and tax refund; FCL sea freight can be done with double clearance and tax inclusive DDP, and can achieve CIF at the port

Insurance services

Provide South African marine insurance services, with insurance companies such as Ping An Insurance or PICC.

If insurance is not purchased and the item is lost, a claim will be made at twice the shipping cost, without refunding the shipping cost, and the maximum compensation standard will not exceed $1000.

Other matters

The name and declared value of the goods must be truthfully declared. Any related fees and taxes caused by discrepancies in the declaration shall be the responsibility of the shipper

Service advantages

Receiving goods at national ports and shipping nearby

Door to door dual clear delivery, simple and worry free

First level shipping agent with no intermediate price difference

Rich practical experience and good customs clearance records

LCL sea freight with reasonable loading