What kind of goods can be delivered by the Nigeria air freight line?

 Company news     |      2023-11-01

In the freight logistics from China to Nigeria, the use of air freight dedicated lines has the advantages of convenience, speed, safety, and punctuality, and is deeply loved by everyone. However, due to customs laws and regulations, aviation security controls, and other constraints, not all goods are suitable for air transportation. Before shipping, it is necessary to confirm in advance whether one's own goods can be shipped by air. Below is an introduction to the cargo restrictions for air freight shipments in Nigeria:

1、 Restriction on type of goods

General cargo: It can be shipped, and Nigerian air flights can be sent to major cities in China, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. There are also many freight dedicated flights available, such as EK, ET, QR, SA, SV, etc.

Ordinary goods refer to clothing, shoes, ordinary household goods, etc; Ordinary goods do not belong to dangerous goods, cold storage goods, prohibited goods, counterfeit goods, or sensitive goods.

Sensitive cargo: Specific routes can be shipped, and the sensitive cargo flow of Nigeria's air freight line is generally first transported to Hong Kong through China Hong Kong transportation, and then handed over to specific flights from Hong Kong for transportation.

Sensitive goods include live goods (products containing batteries), magnetic goods (such as headphones, speakers, microphones, speakers, motors, etc.), powders, pastes, liquids, gases, cosmetics, food, drugs, counterfeit goods, electronic products, sex toys, etc. Air freight has strict requirements for sensitive goods, and different types of sensitive goods require relevant safety certificates or testing reports. If CONSOL goods must be accompanied by a list; Chemicals, powder and liquid goods, as well as goods containing batteries, must be accompanied by relevant certificates (such as MSDS)

Prohibited items: shipment is strictly prohibited

Aviation prohibited items: explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive, and toxic hazardous materials

2、 Limitations on cargo size

The pallet size limit for air passenger aircraft is generally 3 (length) * 2 (width) * 1.6 (height) meters. Goods exceeding this size cannot be transported by air, either by air cargo aircraft or by sea freight lines. Overweight goods cannot be transported by air, such as large machine tools and mechanical equipment, and can only be transported by sea. For goods that can only be carried, the shipper also needs to package, label, and palletize according to the airline's cargo transportation packaging requirements. The packaging requires that the goods are not exposed, firm, and comply with international logistics transportation standards. Wooden boxes are best for export. It is best not to use wooden boxes made of raw wood, as many countries have restrictions on raw wooden boxes. For oversized or overweight items (gross weight greater than or equal to 60KG), pallets are generally required for easy handling with forklifts.

3、 The product has passed SONCAP certification

According to Nigerian customs regulations, products exported to Nigeria must pass SONCAP certification. SONCAP is a new policy implemented by the Nigerian federal government to inspect and control the export of unqualified and unsafe products to the country. SONCAP certification ensures that controlled products exported to Nigeria and entering its market comply with relevant regulations of Nigerian industrial standards.

The above are the restrictions on goods shipped by the Nigerian air freight line. Before shipping, please confirm with the freight forwarding company whether your cargo properties meet the requirements of air freight, in order to choose the most suitable transportation method.