How long does it take to ship from China to Nigeria by sea?

 Company news     |      2023-11-01

Nigeria is located in the southeastern part of West Africa and is the most populous country in Africa, with a total population of 173 million. It is also the largest economy in Africa. There are 15 ports in Nigeria, including Lagos, APAPA, ANNE, TIN CAN, and Akasa. The ports of Apapa and Tincan in Lagos bear about 70% of Nigeria's import and export cargo transportation. Apapa is the largest port in the country, with cargo loading and unloading accounting for one-third of the country.

Nigeria's transit ports include TANGIER, SINGAPORE, PORT KELANG, LOME, TANJUNG PELEPAS. The shipping companies that go to Nigeria by sea include MOL, COSCO, PIL, SAFMARINE, CMA, CNC, MCC, ZIM, MSC, HPL, MSK, etc

Nigeria's maritime transportation is relatively developed, with a significant price advantage over air freight. Currently, Nigerian maritime dedicated lines are the preferred transportation method for many people. How long does it take for China to go to Nigeria by sea? Normally, the fastest direct sea transportation is 30 days, and for transshipment, it takes about 35-50 days. The timeliness varies slightly among different ports, routes, and shipping companies; In addition, the timeliness will also be affected by factors such as port entry and exit time, weather, off-season, peak season, etc. The specific timeliness needs to be confirmed with the freight forwarding company before shipment.

Sea freight does not have many restrictions on the types of goods, and can handle various types of goods. The freight volume is large and the price is low, and the sea freight cost is only about 15% of the air freight cost. The main drawback of sea freight is that it is relatively slow; If it is not sensitive to logistics timeliness, sea freight is the most cost-effective way of transportation. If there are high requirements for timeliness or transportation environment for valuable items, it is recommended to use air freight instead