How is the air freight from China to Nigeria calculated?

 Company news     |      2023-11-01

How is the air freight from China to Nigeria calculated when shipping by air freight dedicated line to Nigeria? Let's explain to our friends below. The Nigerian air freight line generally charges for weight based on the billing method.

Volume weight=length x width x height of the cargo/6000 (length, width, and height are all measured in cm)

Actual weight=actual weight of the goods

According to volume and weight, goods can be divided into light cargo and heavy cargo.

Light dumping: The actual weight of the goods is less than the volume weight

Heavy cargo: The actual weight of the goods is greater than the volumetric weight

Billed weight=The weight of the volume compared to the actual weight, whichever is greater, is the weight used to calculate transportation costs.

For example, if a piece of goods is 70cm long, 90cm wide, and 60cm high, according to the calculation formula, the volume weight of the goods is 70X90X60/6000=63KG. If the actual weight of the goods is less than 63KG, the freight will be charged at 63KG. If the weight of the goods is greater than 63KG, the freight will be charged at the actual weight.

In addition, airlines generally measure the volume of goods based on the longest edge of their appearance. If a part of the goods protrudes, the measurement is based on the longest size of the protrusion. Therefore, customers try to package the goods in a standardized manner. Due to the size limitation of the aviation board, the size during packaging cannot exceed the relevant limits, such as 3 M (length) * 2.4 M (width) * 1.6 M (height).

Air freight prices are divided into different levels based on the weight of the goods, such as:

M N+45+100+300+500+1000

NM represents the minimum charge for each shipment, and 45 represents the charge per KG unit for goods below 45KG... and so on for other weights.

Different Nigerian dedicated airlines offer different freight rates to freight forwarding companies due to their different services. Generally, the higher the weight level, the more favorable the price, while the lighter the weight, the higher the unit price. At the same time, the freight prices vary greatly during different periods (peak and off-season), and real-time confirmation with the air transport server is required before shipment.

In addition to the normal aviation basic fees mentioned above, there may also be additional fees incurred during the air freight export process of goods from China to Nigeria, such as customs duties, additional storage fees, remote fees, refund shipping fees, and other unconventional expenses. Customers need to agree on the handling method in advance with the Nigerian dedicated freight company and define their rights and responsibilities clearly.